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Branding Social Justice

Branding Social Justice

If you’ve been using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or one of the myriad other social media platforms over the last several years, you may have come to realize, in this hyper-political, professionally-outraged era, that branding—while important for businesses—is also important for movements. This is largely because social media and 24-hour news coverage has turned what might…
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Branding builds trust in your business

Trust. It’s important.

Paying proper attention to your business’ brand goes a long way to building trust in your customers. Think about how important trust is in your daily life. Each of us relies on someone at one time or another for support, and assurance that everything’s going to be OK. We all want to feel secure in…
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Brand Identity Crisis

Is Your Business Having an Identity Crisis?

Brand consistency is extremely important to your business’ success. Your brand is how you identify your business to customers, but it’s not just important for recognition, it’s also about the messaging—what your brand says about your business has to stay focused. Strong branding will build trust, confidence, and loyalty with customers. In order to be…
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New Business Branding

Starting a Business?

One of the most effective ways to ensure your new business’ success is strong branding. When starting a new business—especially a small business—it’s easy to focus mostly on what your business will do, and neglect how it will look. And not just how it will look, but how it will feel, even sound. But being the…
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