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Is Your Business Having an Identity Crisis?

Is Your Business Having an Identity Crisis?

Brand Identity Crisis

Brand consistency is extremely important to your business’ success.

Your brand is how you identify your business to customers, but it’s not just important for recognition, it’s also about the messaging—what your brand says about your business has to stay focused.

Strong branding will build trust, confidence, and loyalty with customers. In order to be strong, it must be consistent. You want your business to possess and project a certain personality that works for you and makes your customers comfortable. If you’re not taking care to send a consistent message, then you’re creating confusion and risking the loss of client confidence.

It’s not just a matter of color and graphic design. Every interaction customers have with your brand should communicate your brand’s values clearly. The way you greet customers in person, or on the phone; playing certain music inside the business; even the choice of neighborhood in which you choose to set up shop can send a message, and you want all those factors pulling the in the same direction.

Don’t leave your brand open to a variety of interpretation. The goal of branding is to firmly establish your business within your customers’ minds. If you have no one memorable brand identity, how can you be sure customers will find—or even remember—your business again the next time they need it?

Get your ducks in a row! A strong business requires brand consistency.

If you’ve been doing it yourself all along, chances are you’ve used several different sources to get the different things your business needs. And each source probably provided different-looking products. Your signs don’t match your business cards… the logo on your truck graphics looks nothing like the logo on your website… Many small businesses don’t even settle on a single logo, and they risk making their customers think they’ve been dealing with two or three different businesses!

Your business marketing materials must all be consistent in their appearance and messaging in order to get the best return from your marketing efforts. Each and every piece, from your brochures to your banner-stands to your billboards should clearly be promoting the same business, or you risk confusing your customers. Clear, well-conceptualized branding confidently establishes who you are and what you stand for, and it assures potential customers that they’ve come to the right place.

There’s also a personal reason to ensure your business has a strong, consistent brand. Branding says as much about a company’s ownership as it does about the business itself. When your customers see your company’s branding, you want them to recognize the care and effort you’ve put into it. If the branding is lackluster, what are your customers thinking about you? But if they see that you’ve taken your business seriously, and that you believe in your brand, they will believe in you!

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