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Is Your Business Dateable?

Is Your Business Dateable?

Marketing your business is a little like dating, and your business website and social media are a little like online dating. When trying to attract a dating partner, we do things we think will maximize our appeal. A business owner needs to do the same to bring customers into the business.

Let them see the real you… kind of.

The advice when dating is often to “be yourself,” but of course we don’t completely let our guard down at such an early stage. When you’re looking to attract a new romantic partner, most of us probably go through some rituals.

  • Take a shower
  • Style your hair
  • Shave or trim the facial hair
  • Put on some makeup
  • Dab a little cologne or perfume
  • Put on a stylish outfit
  • Freshen your breath
  • Write an amazing online profile
  • Choose an impressive profile photo  

All these preparations have a purpose: to make us more appealing to the dating pool. It’s more effort than we would typically give for a trip to the grocery store or a friend’s house; and it’s certainly more than we would do if we were staying home. It’s about making a good impression.

We all have our flaws, but we want to accentuate the positives and display the value we have to offer the other person. It may seem deceptive to go to such unusual lengths, but we’re not trying to present a dishonest picture of who we truly are. We’re simply trying to present the best version of ourselves.

Marketing your business is very much the same. You need to design an image and craft a message that makes your business appear valuable. It’s OK to embellish, as long as you can deliver on your promises. 

A catchy ad slogan or company motto can work a bit like a good pick-up line. Of course, you need to be careful to make it clever and witty, and not a corny groaner (or worse). Tailoring the words to your audience can help get the eyes to light up rather than a dreaded eye-roll.

The intention is to make a good impression on your customers by offering the best possible version of the business. This involves designing a logo that looks good, marketing materials that communicate well and a web presence that engages your audience. Trying to market your business without these is like showing up to a date and having nothing interesting to say, if you even get the date to begin with.

Marketing your business is like shooting a movie.

Perception is reality.

Anyone who has worked at any business knows that the view from behind the scenes is very different from what a customer sees. Shops and supermarkets show carefully designed storefronts and window displays; then they’re bright, organized and colorful in the shopping area. But have you ever peeked through the storeroom doors? It’s a lot less glamorous in the back room. It’s a little like a movie set in that what the camera shows is designed to look a certain way, but off-camera is a completely different environment.

It’s important that the outwardly visible parts of a business are appealing and attractive to potential customers. This can mean different things to different clientele, so it’s important for a business owner to know the audience they want to attract, and where to find them. 

On the hunt for a date that’ll be a good match, you need to know where your kind of people can be found, and what they like. Will they be at a swanky downtown club or a casual outdoor event? Do they drink local microbrews or imported wine? Are they going to respond to stiletto heels or boots? Buttoned-up or loose and relaxed? 

The same principles apply to marketing your business. Who needs what you’re offering? Where do they focus their attention? What’s their state of mind? How can you give them the “where-have-you-been-all-my-life?” experience they’ve been searching for?

Graphic design can help establish a deep connection between your business and your customers.

Be your own match-maker

Understanding your customers will allow you to design your brand in a way that will help them feel comfortable, and give them the confidence to trust that you’ll deliver for them. Good graphic design will empower your business with visuals that drive home your message faster and more effectively than words ever could, and it’ll help establish that deep connection we’re all looking for.

Using a dating mentality when marketing your business can help identify and attract the customers that are the best match for your business. Even better, living up to your brand promises is they key to building lasting customer relationships.

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