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Printed marketing materials are not dead.

Is Printing Dead?

The reports of printing’s death have been greatly exaggerated. If you’re reading this blog on your phone, it may have struck you that a lot of print media is being replaced and made obsolete by said phone and the millions like it. Content is easily delivered to millions of readers and consumers electronically, which saves…
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Is Your Business Dateable?

Using a dating mentality when marketing your business can help identify and attract the customers that are the best match for your business. Even better, living up to your brand promises is they key to building lasting customer relationships.

don't cut the marketing budget during a recession

Don’t cut the marketing budget during an economic downturn!

When cash flow is down, marketing will help bring it back, so don’t cut the marketing budget when times are tough. It’s basic math: you can’t spend more than you’re making. Not for very long anyway. It’s a natural reaction to tighten our belt when cash flow isn’t flowing, but when you’re running a business,…
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