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Why Should You Hire a Graphic Designer for Your Business?

Why Should You Hire a Graphic Designer for Your Business?

When opening a small business, it can be tempting to try to do everything yourself, even your graphic design. It can certainly save you some money up-front; and hey–who knows you and your business better than you, right? It may even seem like a fun idea to get creative and come up with your own visuals, but there are several pitfalls you may not have considered…


We all believe we can handle everything that needs to get done with a reasonable effort and some self-discipline. But reality often catches up. Sometimes tasks take longer than expected. Sometimes factors beyond your control bleed time out of your busy schedule, forcing you to prioritize and skip over less important tasks—for instance, getting your Point-of-Sale activated so you can actually do business probably beats designing the signage that will be displayed next to it. But you’ll get around to that design work… eventually.


Setting up a new business is exhausting, especially when you’re a small operation with few helpers to whom you can delegate tasks. Many of the setups you need to complete require contacting other businesses, and have to be done during business hours. But your creative—that can be done after-hours when you’ve got free time. You might feel enthusiastic about this arrangement in the morning, but by 6:00pm, the day has drained your reserves. You chill on the couch for a bit, have some dinner, watch that show you’ve got on the DVR, walk the dog, and next thing you know… it’s bed time.


This one’s more important than you might think. Anybody can design a logo and make some signs, right? You can order some cookie-cutter business cards from that printer you saw on the commercial, print out some stuff on your ink-jet… easy! But how do you know if any of it will be effective? You’re producing the designs and materials that will tell the world who you are, and what you do; but more importantly, they’ll tell the world why they should spend their money with you. It’s crucial that you make a good impression, especially for a new business that has no existing reputation.


You’re probably thinking, “How can money be a pitfall if I’m doing this myself?” Well, in this case we’re not talking about money spent, but money to be made. These days there are lots of do-it-yourself solutions to pick from, for printing, apparel, and especially websites. Do-it-yourself solutions might seem to save you some money at first, but there’s a hidden cost to doing it yourself.

Do-it-yourself websites seem to save money…
…until you consider the real cost.

If your website isn’t designed with both search engines and web visitors in mind, it probably won’t win you many customers. A website needs careful attention to content, coding, and tagging in order to rank well in search engines, and if the design doesn’t look appealing and professional, then visitors who do find your site won’t have much confidence in your business. If you’ve failed to impress potential customers, if you weren’t even found at all, can you imagine how much business your website is costing you?

The same is true of all your business marketing materials. You’ve sunk a lot of money into your business, and you’re counting on a healthy return on your investment, so you can’t afford half-hearted graphic design. Customers see uninspired visuals and cheap materials, and it colors their opinion of your business—negatively. Therefore all the money you saved on design work becomes all the money you aren’t making.

A professional graphic designer isn’t a money-saver, it’s a money-maker.

A professional graphic designer knows how to get the most out of a message, how to emphasize the important parts, how to communicate ideas effectively. A pro knows what works and what doesn’t, and can help create a truly unique and inspiring brand for your business. You’re probably great at what you do. Let someone who’s great at graphic design make what you do look great.

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