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Give them Something Worth Keeping.

Business Cards

Business cards are often a prospect's first interaction with your company's brand. Make sure it's a good one.

Business cards are often your first chance to show not just how someone should contact you, but why someone should contact you. If you can communicate your expertise, cleverness and personality on a business card, then you've got their attention. The prospect will be impressed, curious, and eager to see what else you have in store for them.

Would you like a fresh set of business cards for your next meeting? Could you use a leave-behind that won't get left behind?


Let's Talk.

Business cards are an essential, yet under-appreciated staple of your brand package.

Does anybody value business cards? They're merely a formality, just something you exchange with a handshake, aren't they?

Well, that may be the case if your business cards are the same old white cards with black or blue print. Sure, they're easy to read; but they're also easy to ignore, easy to lose, and easy to forget.

Worse, if your business cards are old-fashioned, flimsy and dull, guess what—now your business is old-fashioned, flimsy and dull in the mind of every prospective customer who receives one. That's an impression you can't afford!


How can we do better?

How can you make an effective first impression with just a business card?

The first thing you need to do is forget everything you know about business cards. They're no longer just a bland calling card to be stuffed into a Rolodex on some cluttered desk. They're your first opportunity to wow your prospects.

A great way to make an impression on people is to hand them something unexpected. Shake them loose of their everyday routine. Making them think differently for a moment will not only grab their attention, but it will also make them excited for new possibilities they never thought of before.

Today's sophisticated printing equipment makes creating stunning business cards easy. Charles River can create an innovative design that will ensure your prospect appreciates what they've just been handed.

Getting that second look with a "Hey, cool!" is so much more effective than a plain white card that goes right into the pocket.


Looks aren't everything though!

Creating a great business card is more than just the design.

As great as a website can be, you can't feel it. The tactile sensation of a good business card is irreplaceable. The weight of the card stock matters, and thicker is better. Simply feeling more expensive makes the holder less willing to discard it. When you're handed a flimsy card, it feels cheap and common; but a rigid, substantial card feels like something worth keeping.

Best of all, the better and more rugged your business card is, the longer it'll be kept. It may even get passed along from an old customer to a new one. This longevity can really offset the higher cost of premium options. But hold on a minute. Ask yourself, "what is a business card?"" If your answer includes the word "paper," hit that button.


Yes, THIS Button

Most business cards are just thick paper, but now you can have business cards made of virtually indestructible plastic. No more mangled business cards going from pocket to trash. You could go with a transparent material to promote your window replacement business. A wooden card might be the perfect item for your tree farm.

You could even have a metal business card for your plumbing business, metal fabrication shop, or maybe even your punk band.

The finish can also make a lasting impression. We've all seen plain cards, glossy cards and somewhere in between. Now, try to imagine "suede" finish, or "satin." If you can't imagine it, then you'd probably enjoy rubbing it between your fingers if someone handed one to you, and you'd probably say something like "ooooh."

Do you want to be known as the "gold standard" in your field? Shiny metallic foil implies high value. You can even combine finishes and have only certain elements coated with gloss to emphasize your logo, artwork, or another selling point.

There are still more options to pick from with business cards including die-cut to a unique shape, painted edges, multiple layers, raised print, round corners, magnetic and more. Each and every one can help strengthen your brand presentation, make a lasting impression on your prospects, and turn those prospects into customers.


Let's get serious.

Business cards are still an effective networking and marketing tool, and today they're more exciting than they've ever been.

Show prospects that you pay attention to the small stuff, that even your business cards are an important piece of your business and your brand, and they'll expect you to handle their needs with the same effort and focus, and they'll be excited to learn what you're going to do for them.

Charles River Creative will help you impress your prospects by designing a uniquely effective business card, and we'll help you pick from the many finishing options available to turn your business cards into serious business cards.


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